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About Dr. Matt

Dr. Matt is an international entrepreneur and lecturer

Dr. Matt has earned master degrees in psychology and law as well as a PhD in economics with a specific focus on management. He has been teaching internationally for over 14 years in 7 languages, mainly in European and American markets. In addition to having written and published numerous articles on entrepreneurship, marketing, persuasion and emotional intelligence, he has also authored 14 books and is a consistent participant in many television and radio programs worldwide.

He works with company leadership, upper and middle level management, entrepreneurs, professional stage, TV and movie actors and personalities, professional athletes and tens of thousands of others from around the world. His social media following exceeds 500,000 fans. He is also an avid Brazilian Jujitsu artist and wrestler, training obsessively on a daily basis. In private he's the husband of Dr. Iliana Ramirez and the father of their daughter Adriana.






Life and Career Management System

The Ego regulates Your self-esteem, Your self-worth, Your self-image, Your self-confidence and Your beliefs about situations You encounter. This part of the mind act as the mediator between the conscious and the unconscious and itsresponsible for your personal identity.In videos three to four you’ll have a revelation of just how important replacing old ego codes are. As it controls almost everything you do.

Brian Tracy

Canadian-born American motivational public speaker and self-development author.

Mateusz Grzesiak is one of the best orators in the world. His mindfulness and intelligence, as well as his perfect, substantive preparation for his speeches, combined with a great sense of humor can change your way of thinking about yourself and your future.

Richard Moss

Rare teacher whose rich life experience allows him to mentor clients using many modalities including meditation and contemplation

Mateusz Grzesiak is a talented coach, always following his strong moral principles. The thing I value most about him is his desire to share emotional intelligence and mindfulness around the world.


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