11 steps towards personal branding

It is wonderful when you can be yourself especially if you can persuade your true inner self in oppose to the one that was created by others (family, school, society, and culture). Your personal brand should not be based on other’s creation of you. Build your own brand consciously and efficiently. Be self-conscious of what your gestures, speech, and appearance represent. Be the authority for others.

Here are 11 steps how to create your own brand

You are a creation of family/school/ culture

Your current inner self is based on your experience from the past. As a human being, you were formed by your family, school, culture and you followed the norms that others taught you. They taught you certain patterns of thinking, how to react and follow the routine, but none of it was your own creation but rather the models forced on you by others. Others always told you what your best attributes were, even though you were aware that it didn’t express who you were at all.

You have acquired the brand created by others

You can’t create your own brand if you follow the other’s opinions about you. It is all because those other people have always told you how to behave and who to become. They used acronyms to describe the feature of your character. Just like parents told their daughters that girls should always behave well and so they do. Over the time this makes you implement those attributes and follow them religiously. That is why the brand you represent belongs to other but no you.

Dismiss the brand created by others

The best and the only way to dismiss the brand that others created about you is to leave behind all the opinions that those people made in your direction. Wheatear they are good or bad it does not matter, eliminate all of them because they are not your opinions. But why should you remove positive opinions of yourself? The reason is that they could be fake compliments about you it will create an equally fake image/ brand of yourself.

Discover your true image

The best way to shape your authentic brand is to completely eliminate the image the others created about you. The first step is to verify how you perceive yourself in oppose to your actual image. It is an essential aspect of change. Studies, which were done by researchers from Californian University show, that girls who are constantly called fat have a tendency to gain weight more often in oppose to the girls who don’t hear that negative comment. At that very moment, they are acquiring a brand created by other people, which negatively impacts their self-esteem and ability to be healthy. Once you can verify the reality from the fake news, you are going to be able to make wiser choices in your life.

Get a professional image of your self

Your outer appearance speaks highly of your brand. You have to look presentable and smile a lot because it makes you likable, more competent and influential. Close your eyes, imagine and reevaluate each part of your body on the scale of 1 to 10 (1-hate, 10-love). Compare it with other’s opinion of your outer look and your own imagination of it. It will allow you to gain distance to yourself and point out what is really necessary for you to change in order to look better.

Evaluate your personality

Other than the personal look your personality also plays a key role in creating your brand. Think wisely of what are the best features of your character? What is so unique about you that may attract other people to you? After doing so group them together and create your brand based on it. It is also good to point out your strengths because that will only assure your brand’s position on the market. Try to use positive words for describing yourself such as collaborative, risk-taking, connected, international, diplomatic, intuitive, precise, enterprising, ethical, genuine, accessible or many others.

What are your best values?

The key point in creating a personal brand is to verify our own values. At the start, dismiss the image the others created of you so you can move forward and bring out your true values. It will help you shape your future brand. Your values are also guiding principles for others.

Be authentic

Once you have discovered who you are and who you want to be. Avoid following the norms established by other people. If people say something about you treat it as fact, a compliment or fake news, by all means, do not base your brand on such opinion. Your brand should be based on your own creation of your image, on your own ideas and uniqueness of your personality.

Choose your target audience

The core aspect of this point is to choose people to whom we want to present ourselves. You should start by verifying their age, gender, social and emotional needs. Position yourself in front of those people and capture their attention. Try to meet their expectations with all the attributes of your personal brand.

Be discovered online

Someday, somehow at some point, people will be looking for you on social media or internet. Be sure to use your real name on the internet and constantly update your social profiles. Once you find your targeted audience try to reach them through social media channels, especially if you plan to base your business on exposure on social media. Social media is one of the best tools to create a personal brand. It is worth to notice that around 80% of Americans use social media to target and evaluate a given brand or products that they are interested in buying.

Learn copywriting

Think before you write down any information and learn how to write consciously. Master your writing skills in response to your targeted audience. Be cautious of the use of vocabulary, so it is not offensive but aims well at your audience needs. Share your thoughts online, on Facebook or YouTube, but be sure that you know well how to operate those sites. Expand your writing skills and your business with thrive.