Millennials, why haven’t you been promoted yet?!

How to describe young Americans? They are the millennials, the Generation Y, the people born between 1980 and 2000. Millennials are a bit narcissistic because they think highly of themselves and their work competencies. They have high expectations about their job and salaries, but yet they want to put minimal effort to achieve it. Why representatives of this generation express hardships on the job market? 


Who are the millennials?

They are the first generation to use new technologies and report their life on social media. They are very critical of traditional media as well as religious organizations. They are optimistic, tolerant, and more open to social, cultural and gender differences in oppose to their parents. Their parents told them that they are unique, which results in their high self-esteem, confidence and, self-expression. They are also called by people the Peter Pan or the Boomerang Generation because they tend to come back and live with their parents or to start up their adulthood life at a slow paste when it comes to getting married or starting their career.

Do you feel that you could achieve more in your professional career, but you stuck, and you don’t know why? This text will make you aware of 5 common reasons why people from your generation can’t get the promotion as fast as possible, and how to overcome this problem.


Millennials tend to be very confident about their skills and work abilities, however, sometimes they show it off too much at the workplace. Remember that you are not the smartest one at work neither in the entire world. There is always someone who knows more than you. So do not point out other’s mistakes, but instead, offer some solutions to the problems. It is also ok if you lack some information, as long as you try to learn it or ask for help. Also be willing to take constructive criticism, because that will lead you to a long-lasting career.

Work time

The employers mostly care about time and money. Therefore, they expect from their workers to be efficient in a short amount of time, because that generates the best revenue. Thus, even when a person is a perfectionist in what they do, his boss will care less about it, especially when it takes them too much time to accomplish a task. Plan your work better because time is money, and once your employer sees good effects of your work in short time, your promotion will be only a step away.

Lack of assertiveness 

A lot of people want to be promoted, but limit their work only to what their job description requires. However, companies value those who are creative, assertive and not afraid to speak up when they have an exciting idea or solution to a problem. So don’t always try to be a “yes” man, but instead be outspoken and voice your opinion, especially when you know that it is going to benefit the company. Also, speak up when you want to get a promotion because your boss may not be aware that you want to advance.

No initiative

A priceless worker is the one who pinpoints the mistakes or problems, but also the one who tries to find some solution for them. This skill is considered as one of the desired skills among workers as it was stated in the report “Expectations of the employers towards college graduates.” Employers expect from their workers to document the problem, analyze it and collaborate with other workers to find a solution. Take the initiative, team up with coworkers and create a plan that will improve companies effectiveness and that may lend you a desired promotion.


Employers expect from workers to be independent and self-reliant. Therefore a good worker, who is opting for promotion, should be in charge of his work. Try not to consult too much of your tasks with your manager because he may think that you can’t do the job independently and that you will always need his approval. In addition, independence and decision making will bring you more satisfaction and improve your self-esteem. Also when you take responsibility for your own mistakes it will show that you are willing to learn from it and boost your work. This is an image of an employer who deserves a promotion.


Good luck!